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Instructions: Rotate your character using arrow keys or WASD. 

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In a huge arena of a Splix Style game called Landz.io, you take on the role of an ambitious snake roaming through the map in an attempt to take over as much territory as possible to expand your main realm. You must quickly capture all those empty space then quickly connect them back to your base for the expansion. During the quest, you must defend your tail all the time as if somebody runs into it, you will meet your doom instantly. But you can make an effort to crash into their tails to wipe them out and quickly steal their territories before other players take them. It’s important to play with good strategies because you can easily outwit your opponents and give them no chances to win. The game features some awesome game modes, such as FFA Classic, Fast, Small Arena, and Slow. Pick your favorite one or you can try all of them for awesome experiences. Will you climb the top of the leaderboard? Play it now!

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