Dinogen Online

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About Dinogen Online

Dinogen Online is a challenging 2D multiplayer game about a challenging gun fight. It lets you compete against other players using lots of weapons to defeat them.

Dinogen Online brings an intense gun fight to players in the world

You enter the arena of this shooter io game then get ready to fight against other opponents. When you play Dinogen Online for free, you have a chance to show your skills to other players. Besides, it is also a chance for you to improve them.

Lots of game modes for you to play in Dinogen Online

You can choose your favorite game mode to play. For instance, you can join Endless Survival, Scenario Editor, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Destruction.

Besides game modes, the game also features other elements such as weapons, dinosaurs, items, equipment, etc. You can try to earn XP so you can obtain them.

Make sure you make use of the items that you have to defeat your opponents as well as protect yourself by avoiding their attacks.

Dinogen.io centers on an intense shooting battle where you must play to prove your skills.

How to play

WASD are for the movement. Use weapons using T. Reload the weapons using R. Sprint with Shift. Crouch with Control. Interact with elements using E.

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