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About opens a huge world of snakes where players take control of their own snakes competing against each other to see who will rule the entire island. This Slither Style IO game is a great fast-paced multiplayer game that surely keeps you addicted. You will move around the island with your little snake and have to grab as much food as possible to increase your size. Gradually, you will become the larger snake that likes to kill everybody in sight. When you engage in a clash, be sure to use your long body to encircle other snakes, have them run into you, they will end up getting destroyed instantly, and then you can grab their dead drops to grow bigger. Make sure you dodge crashing into other snakes, otherwise, your game will be over. Don’t think about leaving the island either as you cannot swim! In, you have to become the largest snake dominating the leaderboard! Good luck!

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How to play: Use the mouse to move your snake and click the left mouse to speed up. 

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