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About is the place where you have to experience thrills to survive. With the vast space of the game and interesting modes, you will be caught up in that war of survival. unblocked has a very simple but fun way to play. In free online game, you can choose a skin like that and definitely cannot lack a cool name. However, keep in mind that you can choose an outfit that is colorful and impressive, but that makes it harder to disguise. You are standing on a vast field. What you have in your hand is just a small blade. A lot of enemies around want to attack you in this io game. Use your wits to strike back by hitting them in the head. After each, the blade in your hand grows larger. One trick is to move behind the enemy, the opponent will be surprised and you are the winner. Join this game and prove yourself the strongest in the field!

How to play

Use a mouse to control the direction of movement.

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