Fruit vs Monster

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About Fruit vs Monster

Defend the kingdom using fruits to defeat your enemies in Fruit vs Monster. This is a game that challenges player marksmanship with many different levels of difficulty.

If you’ve ever enjoyed games with gameplay similar to shooting dinosaur eggs, Fruit vs Monster unblocked will make you feel familiar. In the game, you will begin your mission to protect the endangered fruit kingdom by using a slingshot to defeat the enemies. The material in this game is quite fun, which is to use the fruit warriors themselves as ammunition. All you need to do is align the shot properly. Then drag and drop the slingshot to perform precise shooting action.

Play Fruit vs Monster free online, you will notice the ammunition types will change after each certain shot. After three shots, a powerful bullet capable of wiping out the crowd will appear. It is your chance to destroy the enemies coming towards you, so shoot it at the location with the most enemies. The most important task of the player in the shooting game online is to make sure that the enemy cannot move to the last line. You will lose if any enemy enters the specified location.

The difficulty of each level in Fruit Monster without flash will increase gradually over time. More specifically, the number of enemies appearing on each level will be more. And more and their movement speed will also increase significantly. This makes the player have to perform the shooting action as soon as possible. And the accuracy must be ensured at the highest level. Just one shot miss means that the opponent has moved closer to you. In general, Fruit Monster is quite suitable for players who are looking for a game to entertain after the pressures of life.

How to play

Use the mouse to perform drag and drop actions, align angles and shoot

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