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Put your drifting and racing skills to a test in a fabulous space racing game called Astro Race – another web-browser multiplayer IO game to master! You will be surprised and amazed by the in-game graphics and music, which makes the gameplay much funnier. At first, all players start in the noob league, and so do you. But through over time, the ranking will be shifted. You have to speed up your spaceship, drift carefully on the edges of the track to increase your boost bar, and once it’s full, you can totally leave your enemies behind. You will race on many tracks, and each of them as 5 laps to complete. Try your hardest to finish all of them for a chance of winning! But the most important thing is that you mustn’t let others surpass you. As time goes by, your rank will get higher, and the main goal in Astro Race is to become the top champion!

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How to play: Steer your ship using keys A/D or left/right arrow keys. Use key W or up arrow key to speed up.

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