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Swordfish species will battle each other in to become the ruler of the ocean. Join this multiplayer battleground to help your swordfish do just that now. unblocked offers a large ocean scene, where there are many species of swordfish of different sizes. You will be one of them with a mission to conquer the ocean by destroying other opponents on the map. Initially, players will start with finding food sources to increase the size of swordfish in this HTML5 online game. Of course, you can also take out the prey using the sword on the fish’s head and the opponent can do the same with you.

Not only stopping there, play online, players can also freely customize many different things to feel more interesting. Including upgrading fish, unlocking new fish species, or upgrading the sword to help increase attack power significantly. Just like other ocean io games, players will see a lot of different creatures inside the endless ocean that Stabfish io brings.

How to play

Navigate the moving swordfish through the mouse and increase the speed by using the left mouse

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