Hit or Knit

Trap Adventure 2 Publisher Edana
Trap Adventure 2 PublishedMarch 4, 2021

About Hit or Knit

Have you tried Hit or Knit, this adorable wool shooting game? A beautiful cat is struggling to prevent the wool rolls from approaching her because she doesn’t want to wear a sweater. Come join Hit or Knit online to help that cat.

Hit or Knit unblocked begins with a sleeping pink cat and wakes up to a nightmare of wearing a sweater, the thing he hates most in the world. From here, you participate in arcade games to help the cat prevent the blue, yellow, and red wool curls towards the sweater loom. The gameplay is simple and similar to the ball shooting game, you shoot wool to form 3 wool of the same color, at this point the wool will disappear. The speed at which the pompoms move will increase. Therefore, you need to be quick and quick to shoot the wool in the correct position to help the kitten. Besides, if the wool lumps reach the loom, the cat will have to wear the sweater, the game is over and you lose. Play Hit or Knit online for free, you will have fun moments with the lovely pink cat.

How to play:

Hover the mouse in the direction to shoot, click to shoot.

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