Egg Go

Trap Adventure 2 Publisher Edana
Trap Adventure 2 PublishedFebruary 24, 2021

About Egg Go

Online game HTML5 Egg Go has a simple interface that is easily accessible to everyone. Not a tough adventure, Egg Go unblocked only revolves around the hen that lays eggs but promises to bring you a great moment.

Opening the screen is a picture of 3 white eggs in a golden nest on the green grass. To play, the player clicks on the word “play” and starts playing Egg Go free online. The hen will lay 3 types of eggs, equivalent to 3 egg baskets. Your task is to put green rotten eggs in the same basket, eggs about to hatch chicks in a basket, white eggs in a pan to make omelets. Hens lay eggs continuously and more and more. So you need to quickly put the eggs in the right position so that the smart eggs are rolling around. In case you put the egg in the wrong way or the egg rolls in the wrong place, kids games are over.

How to play:

When the hen lays an egg, you observe what it is and what basket to put it in. Then, you click on the corresponding basket, the eggs will go to the basket.

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