Mahjong Word

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About Mahjong Word

Mahjong Word brings you a world of mahjong puzzles. Not only do you play it for fun but also for skill improvement. The game betters your keen eye and puzzle-solving.

Mahjong Word gives your brain a workout with lots of mahjong puzzles

If you are fond of mahjong games online, then this puzzle game will be your pick. When you play Mahjong Word free online, you can practice your mahjong-matching skills as well as your puzzle-solving.

Mahjong Word Puzzle Card Game
Mahjong Word Puzzle Card Game

Similar yet amazing gameplay mechanic in Mahjong Word

The gameplay mechanic is quite similar to other Mahjong games that you have ever played before. However, in this one, you will find it more amazing. The game has nice graphics with smooth movements, helping you play it better.

As you start a level, you will focus on finding two mahjong tiles of the same type. Then, you need to also match them to clear them from the board. The mahjong tiles have lots of letters. So, you need to find the same letters to match them.

Make sure you also notice the timer in each level. Try your best to complete it before time runs out.

Mahjong Word unblocked is also a puzzle game that helps you practice the orders of the alphabet letters. Play it to better your skills!

How to play

Find and match mahjong tiles with letters using the mouse.

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