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About Xess.io

Joining Dodgeballs.io is an easy way to get back to middle and high school. If you are bored with traditional chess, try Xess.io. The Xess.io unblocked game is inspired by traditional chess game so it is suitable for anyone who loves chess but new things from it is still waiting for you to discover.

Xess.io free game is started when you join as king. Your mission is to protect the king and take the pieces of other players. When you capture the entire board, you are the winner. Xess.io online is a game with the participation of many people, knowing the previous rules of chess is an advantage to help you win more easily. King is all you have and must protect. And you can move the piece unlimitedly but still have to obey its move. Your strategy makes the pieces move the fastest, and knowledge of the chess pieces will help you. Not only that, but this game also has five game modes for you to try.

How to play:

Use the mouse to control all of your characters.

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