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Coming to, you will feel familiar but new. A unique combination between the classic snake game and fun io. Do you want to experience this unique game?

In unblocked, your only goal is to become the longest being. To do that, you have to move around the area and hit the head of any snake when you see it. Then, you take the opponent’s body to make it longer. The Snixo game in the first seconds will be very simple. However, the more dangerous the other snakes are, the longer they are and the faster they are. Therefore, if you do not upgrade your skills, the faster operations will mean you are their bait. This HTML5 online survival game will become more interesting the longer your body size. Meanwhile, you can use the tail to drag the snakes around so that they crash into you and explode. Next, you just need to collect the rest of them. Overall, winning in multiplayer io games is not too difficult, but not as easy as it looks. You can only feel the truth when you step into the playing field. Now, are you ready to join?

5/5 - (2 votes)

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How to play: To move around you can use the arrow keys or the WASD key.

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