About is a fun 2D shooter game based on Diep style. It is not only about an adventure online but also a survival match between you and multiple enemies worldwide. It is free for all to enter and uncover power-ups scattered across the map. To become the winner in the new journey, you need to score the most kills.

It’s possible to play unblocked with the class you want! You can choose to be an archer or a sniper and so on. Each character will receive different weapons and abilities. They will be the main resource that you should manage during combat. They are useful to attack and defend. It’s essential to deploy them properly. Aside from shooting, you have to dodge shots, spray and progress before you occupy the leaderboard. It’s available to experience the challenge at school or at home. Why don’t you share it with your friends so they can join together?

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How to play: Use WSAD or Arrow keys to walk, LMB to shoot, Enter to chat, QFE to deploy upgrades

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