If you have a hobby of shooting and exploration, is a better choice. You will not be bored by online is a new 3D online game with interesting and unique gameplay.

The rule for playing this game is very simple and you will enjoy it because there are many options for your battleship colors. In this new and exciting io unblocked game, you will be both an astronaut and a military leader to build a crew. You take the wheel and use your triangle ship to shoot down other spaceships. Your crew will get bigger and bigger with the added ships after you drop the spaceships. To win this game, you have to move fast to be able to shoot and avoid enemy bullets. But remember that your allowed range is limited, if you get out of there your ship will explode. The dream of building a strong crew and becoming a hero is only one click away from you to be able to join these 3d shooter io games game!

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How to play: You will use the left mouse button to shoot and W / right-click to manually grow.

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