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In, you and other players have to shoot down each other to see who will end up as the most dangerous egg killer in the arena. Let’s jump into this shooter game online right now for having your shooting skill tested. As an egg killer, you will be armed with a variety of weapons, so you must wield them wisely to annihilate your rivals as you make your way through the map. You need dot crack them as fast as possible with your advanced weaponry while defending yourself from being cracked by others. Everyone is your foe, and nobody is a friend here, also, no mercy is allowed here. So, keep dealing as much damage as possible to the rivals. Be careful with your ammo count! You have to pick up more supplies from the ground or from the dead foes to reload your guns in time. Can you get to the top spot on the leaderboard? Let’s enjoy the game now!

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How to play: For the movement of your egg killer, use WASD or IJKL. Click the left mouse to fire, use key E or U to change the weapons, key R or Y to reload, and spacebar to jump.

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