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About Shark

You’re required to have maximum attention, good strategies, and great skills to win Shark unblocked – a new ocean io game free for all in browsers. It is pretty much inspired by, but the different thing about the game is that it lets you play as a cunning shark rather than just a normal cell. You will swim around the water eating plankton and other smaller fishes to increase your size. As a shark, you can eat up all small creatures around you while keeping yourself away from other bigger sharks controlled by your opponents. You can gobble them only when you are bigger than them. You have to increase your food chain until you touch the first place on the leaderboard to become the best shark on the whole server. Feel free to play Shark anytime you want and hone your skills more! Much fun with it!

How to play:

Use the mouse to move your shark around the map in the game.

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