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About unblocked is a game in a chaotic school, you will become a student or a teacher to complete different requirements to win Schoolbreak io no lag.

Something seems to have happened to the school in this game. Chaos broke out as students and teachers fought with each other. A group of students at the school is trying to make things more chaotic than ever by acting destructively. The teacher, on the other hand, is responsible for restoring order to its original state.

Similar to the multiplayer io games, this game allows the player to choose between the student and teacher factions to join. Each faction will have a different role to win, but we believe that whichever side you choose, you will feel the fun. Here is more specific information about both factions in this game:

  • For students, you will try to join with others to cause chaos in your own school. There are many objects appearing on the screen, you can use them to destroy the surrounding environment. Try to move smart and don’t get caught by the teacher.
  • As a teacher, it will be your responsibility to observe students who misbehave and to identify their names correctly. This will somewhat reduce the level of chaos in a given moment. If the chaos level reaches 100, the student side will win and vice versa. for kids online has an operating method that is not too different other io games school. However, the setting and approach of this game will keep you interested in what happens. Besides, a series of new features will have to enhance the player’s experience.

How to play

Interact with teachers or students using mouse and keyboard

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