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Instructions: Move around the arena using WASD. Shoot with the spacebar, use keys 1-4 to choose a weapon, Press Q to jump, E to do a diagonal jump, ZXCV to select a blueprint, Shift to perform an auto move, R to reset or clear the move, M to open the map, and N to open the options menu.

Pixeledo about:


There are many strategy io games free in browsers, and now you can check out one of them called Pixeledo. It is a free strategy game with unique challenges. You will be taken into a huge world where you must kill various creatures as well as objects that are attempting to destroy you. Since the world is so destructive, you must be careful when you make your way through it. You can deal damage to the tiles to get ammo, health, or even new weapons for yourself. But destroying tiles can sometimes spawn creatures, making your survival more challenging. The most special thing about Pixeledo unblocked is that it gives you a specific number of moves so you can perform your actions during the game. These moves are turn-based, hence, you have to use them wisely. Watch out for the size of the map as it will shrink through over time. Do you have what it takes yet to become the best survivor in Pixeledo game? Play it now! Have fun!

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