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About Oceanar.io

In Oceanar.io, you will be the greatest fish in the sea. It is not like other angler fish io game. Eating tiny food around will make the fish bigger and bigger, and there will be more baby fish around.

Learn how to play Oceanar.io online with simple gameplay but still very interesting when you both explore the ocean and master the sea. Initially, the small fish will have to try to avoid dangerous jellyfish, looking for food to grow more and more. In fish io games, your hard work pays off. In addition to getting stronger, the fish school will have more fish. Let’s play Oceanar.io unblocked to start growing, get more small fish in your fish school, enough to defeat other fish or threaten jellyfish while you’re still weak. Of course, you also have to be really wary of the fish from many sides surrounded around and find yourself the right position to fight.

How to play:

Use your mouse to move and use the Left mouse to use small fish.

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