Trap Adventure 2 Publisher Isolde
Trap Adventure 2 PublishedNovember 15, 2019

About is a free online iO game where you can choose to play between FFA and Team modes. It is about a brutal arena that you will win if you collect the highest score. It will come from killing noobs. Do not let anybody do the same for you! Try to defend and survive as long as possible! is a cool title unblocked like In which, you can check out several skills as your preference. It’s time to invite some friends to join the match together with you! Good luck!

How to play:

Press WASD or Arrow keys to move, Space to jump, Shift to sprint, Left mouse to attack, Right mouse to aim, 1-2 to change weapons, Q to choose the next one, R to reload, Enter to chat, Esc or Tab to open the menu

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