Trap Adventure 2 Publisher Isolde
Trap Adventure 2 PublishedJanuary 8, 2020

About unblocked is another thrilling io game created by DAB3Games and totally compatible with desktop and mobile. You can join online on those platforms as well as play it for free. It’s all about crazily killing people at the Halloween party without getting busted. Many people have attended the Halloween party and they are ready to enjoy it there. However, they have no idea about someone is about to kill them. You act as a silent killer making your way through the party carefully to slay as many people as possible. You need to watch your surroundings first before doing any actions because if you get caught in the action, the game will be over for you. The big goal for you in game is to rack up as many kills as possible for a high score, which makes you the best killer. Prepare yourself for this tough adventure then see if you can conquer it!

How to play:

Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Press Z to kill and use X to interact. If you play the game on a mobile device, you will tap the screen to interact with your character in the game.

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