Flap Royale

Trap Adventure 2 Publisher Isolde
Trap Adventure 2 PublishedDecember 16, 2019

About Flap Royale

Flap Royale unblocked is a multiplayer version of Flappy Bird game and pretty much inspired by other battle royale io games. Rather than playing as a lone bird like in the original game, now, you have to compete against multiple enemy birds from around the world. All birds will jump out of an airplane then start flapping their wings to stay in the air and fly through a lot of pipes getting in their way. For each pipe you get through, you will earn a score for yourself. However, if you touch one or fly down to the ground, your adventure will be over, making you a loser. You need to fly faster than other enemies, leave them all behind, and try your best to earn a higher score. There is only one top place on the leaderboard. This position must belong to your bird! Can you finish off all enemies and become the winner in Flap Royale game? Have fun!

How to play:

Flap your wings to fly through pipes using the spacebar or mouse.

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