In, you have to evolve from a fledgling clownfish into a formidable predator of the sea. However, the journey is simple and easy. All will be faithfully reproduced at Agario Style.

Entering the world of free online, you will see an ocean of diverse creatures from low to high levels. Here, every ferocious fish is ready to eat each other for upgrades. Thus, an immature clown like you can be pounced on at any moment. You should be careful and quickly enter attack other enemies. Your goal in the game is to be the ultimate predator to enjoy the top-down food chain. To do that, you need to absorb strength and eat your opponent as much as possible. So, you should eat all the creatures that appear in front of you. Of course, in unblocked, the fish around you are also increasingly frightening and ferocious. So in the process of hunting, you have to watch the prey while watching other opponents. That is the only way you end up in the ocean.

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How to play: You use WASD KEY to move motion, use your mouse to enhance.

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