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About game brings you an idle yet amazing experience. It is about you moving your cursor in a maze and getting it to the green arena before other players. lets you perform your mouse-moving skills

The game takes you to a maze full of cursors. Those cursors are controlled by other players. So, you have to compete against them for your win. The gameplay mechanic is easy to understand. However, it is quite challenging.

Skillfully move your cursor as you play game

This multiplayer maze game is all about moving your cursor. It may sound easy but very challenging. You need to skillfully move it through the maze. Make sure you will not touch the wrong areas of the maze.

Instead, you need to keep your cursor in the right area so you can reach the green area. When you reach it, you can proceed to the next level. Watch out for the movements as you explore the maze!

You should play with good strategies because there are some levels that are hard to vanquish. Besides, you also need strategies to outplay your opponents. unblocked lets you practice the way you move your mouse through a maze.

How to play

You move your cursor in the maze using the mouse.

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