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Instructions: Use the mouse to move your cat and use QWE to use an ability.

Creatur.io about:


Creature.io unblocked at school is a fun 3D survival game from io games series. Get yourself ready for an epic adventure now! You become a cute cat wandering around a big map trying to eat gems and kill other enemy cats for the championship. It will be not easy at all when hunting for gems because you will have to pay close attention to your surroundings and protect yourself from getting eaten by other cats. If the gems are in your way, quickly collect them all to get a huge amount of XP. When you come across smaller enemies, you can quickly bite them from behind to eliminate them out of the arena before the bigger players do the same to you. Feel free to perform great moves and use good strategies to outplay all of your enemies. Your goal in Creatur.io io game unblocked is to become the most dangerous cat!

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