Trap Adventure 2 Publisher Isolde
Trap Adventure 2 PublishedJanuary 4, 2020


Can you kill all other players to get to the top spot in Why don’t you start this strategy io game right now to present all of your skills? The game strongly takes concepts of Minecraft and Fortnite. You have to either build blocky stairs to high ground or dig to hide into the ground to deal with enemies. That’s how you fight against them in unblocked. If you choose the dig the ground, you must use your pickaxe to dig it faster and quickly hide under the ground to avoid your opponents. But if you choose to face up to them, you must build stairs to climb higher. After reaching the high ground, you can change back to your sniper then start shooting other players to earn points and loots. Whatever you do, make sure you always use your smart strategies to get an upper hand on enemies because you aim to become the winner in free game!

How to play:

Press W to move forward, S to move backward, A/D to strafe left/right. Jump with the spacebar, shoot with the left mouse, scope with the right mouse, open inventory using Tab, and change items using keys 1-5.

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