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About is one of the top 2D shooter games where you control an airplane and fight against multiple enemies online. To defeat challengers and take over the top spot, you need to poison all of them and survive. The aircraft will get bigger when you do that.

Play unblocked you are able to collect a lot of power-ups. They are useful to increase your movement speed, make your wings larger for a while or offer better weapons. Do not bump into anybody or you have to restart! Just deploy missiles or drop bombs to kill them! Additionally, evade those who want to loot your coverage! Otherwise, you will be eliminated. In some cases, you can attract the target so they will head to the trap you have already set. It’s recommended to master the abilities of your tools! Are you willing to take part in the battle and become the ultimate pilot?

How to play:

Use the mouse to move the plane, Q to drop bombs, E to fire missiles, Space to boost speed

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