Call of War: World War 2

About Call of War: World War 2

Call of War: World War 2 is one of the most intense action iO game. Explore an ocean-theme match with features that you have never seen before. More importantly, you will fight against a lot of aggressive enemies worldwide. Play Call of War: World War 2 free online like a commander and take control of an army. It’s possible for you to choose to join the Axis or the Allied powers. Aside from units, you will be able to experience various infantry placements together with assaults, types of tanks, or armor. Especially, you will have the chance to purchase upgrades when you defeat the foes and level up in Call of War: World War 2 unblocked. Stuff that you buy will allow you to win and rank up faster. Do not forget to invest in the navy of your own and the air force! It’s time to launch combat and show your management talent! Have fun!

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How to play: Control the army by using the mouse button

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