Trap Adventure 2 Publisher Isolde
Trap Adventure 2 PublishedSeptember 5, 2019


BlockTanks free online is a simple yet explosive tank game from the io games series. It’s all about a fast-paced battle between players. There are two team modes you can pick before jumping into the fray: team deathmatch and control point. If you choose team deathmatch, you must work with your teammates to slay all enemies from the opposing team to earn points. But in the control point, the mission will be keeping a spot on the map for a long enough time to bring a point to your team. These modes have their own objectives for you to conquer. Just make sure you always work together with your comrades, gather more weapons on the map and use your smart strategies to defeat them all. Another thing you have to bear in mind is that you have no health bar in BlockTanks io game, which means you will die and respawn if you get shot, so play it tactically. Are you ready? Join it now!

How to play:

Control the movement of your tank using arrow keys or WASD. Aim and shoot with the mouse, use key F or the right mouse to aim, change weapons using the mouse wheel scroll or key Q, hold down key Tab to open the scoreboard, and hold down key Shift to open the help menu.

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