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About is a game inspired by Among Us with a change in context and quests. You will become the crew or saboteur in a random arrangement and try to complete the mission.

Inference games to find the culprit has become familiar to all players in the present time. unblocked is one of them, this game brings improvements to make players feel more interesting to enjoy it. There are many challenges waiting whether you become a crewman or a saboteur.

As mentioned, the crew and spoilers are the two main factions that appear in this game. But each faction will have a different way of playing that requires you to know the information to complete the task.

If they become crew members, the mission of all crew members is to repair damage on the ship while protecting themself. If you find a vandal, you need to call a meeting and convince everyone to vote to win.

The saboteur will operate alone, his mission is to disrupt operations and eliminate crews. You need to operate and avoid suspicion from those around you. The saboteur only truly wins by destroying the entire crew. You can also join the meeting with other people, you should direct attention to another person to be safe.

Play online, you will have a familiar feeling like you are enjoying other reasoning games before. Like other 3D io games, you should register an account to play if you want to direct the benefits. For example, create an online public room to invite your friends to join or save your progress as you play.

How to play

Control the character through the WASD buttons or the arrow buttons on the keyboard Press Space bar or E button to interact, M to open the map, Esc to close the newly opened interface

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