The easy way to become a warrior is to join This is a very addictive game for those who enjoy battle royale multiplayer games. The gameplay of this game is completely simple but very interesting and unique.

In the unblocked world, don’t worry once you get started without any weapons. The right weapon for you will be placed in many different locations, your job is to explore the map later. It’s going to collect and equip yourself. The battle point game will be a battle for you and the other players, if you want to win then you must be the last on this battlefield. This game will have a certain time, a safe zone will gradually narrow when the warriors will have to face each other. Specifically, each step of your run will be strictly timed and you will almost not have the space to hesitate before your decisions. Join the game and prove that you are not a loser.

How to play:

You can play this game on a web browser or Android. The main manipulations are to move the WASD / arrow keys.

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