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About Badminton Online

Badminton online free game is right here challenging all players’ skills! Are you up for this sports multiplayer game online that allows you to play with many other friends from across the world? If you want to express your skills in a certain sports io game like this, check it out now! Badminton Online forces two contenders to compete against each other in a match. You have to aim and throw the ball in the best direction possible to win points for yourself. Your opponent will do the same as you, to stop him from gaining points, you ought to defend your goal at all costs. The match will officially come to an end when one of the players get 5 points. You know what goal you must achieve, right? Score 5 points first to become the ultimate winner! Badminton game will randomize the badminton racket, the skin of the player, the hairstyle and the outfits. Play it now!

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How to play: Jump with key W, use keys A/D to move the character, use the mouse to aim and throw the ball.

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