It’s time to show your leadership skills in ARCHERz game! You can try out this new strategy io game free in your browser for awesome challenges. In the game, you must create an army of archers for yourself then send them out into the fight to eliminate your opponents. To increase the size of your army, you can hire more archers and let them join the army. Keep doing so until you have up to 100 archers! These archers can use their abilities and attacks to finish off the enemies. Plus, they can even help you collect gold coins dispersed throughout the jungle map. If the rivals are way too strong, you can hide under the tree then wait for a chance to attack them. Do whatever it takes to protect your army of archers and use your best tactics with strategies to lead them to the ultimate victory. Are you ready to play ARCHERz unblocked? Join it now!

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How to play: Use the mouse to move your army, click the left mouse to attack and use keys 1-9 for the bow.

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