Trap Adventure 2: Origins APK free download is a tough adventure platform game in which you have to conquer all obstacles and survive all the traps to win.

Download Trap Adventure 2: Origins
Download Trap Adventure 2: Origins

Trap Adventure 2: Origins APK is here for you to download for free. It is one of the best APK app games with diverse challenges to conquer. With Trap Adventure 2 mobile platformer, you will explore clever designs with different levels of difficulty to practice and better your skills.

About Trap Adventure 2: Origins APK

Trap Adventure 2: Origins is the second installment in the Trap Adventure series. It is known as one of the most difficult and frustrating games. The game is all about conquering various platforms full of obstacles. Although the mission sounds easy, you will still feel irritated and frustrated sometimes, and more importantly, it can drive you insane to make you throw your phone.

As you move your character on the platforms, you need to be aware of obstacles that are getting in your way. These obstacles can be random spikes popping up on the third block, which will kill you, or when you jump, you will trigger the spikes, and you get killed by them then have to head back to the second block. Imagine when you get to the third block, more obstacles, like random spikes will pop up and kill you on your way. Getting to the targeted area in Trap Adventure 2 APK free download seems to be very tough! But, don’t give up on it! Your goal is to conquer all the platforms and beat this adventure!

You may feel like it is very obscure when you are told what to do by Trap Adventure 2 game. But, it will tell you exactly what to do to conquer the adventure, then you get the punishment for not doing as the game said. This is more like a cruel game, not an entertaining game, but it’s still worth your try if you want to test your skills and your reflexes.

In-game features

  • Various platforms with different difficulties
  • Lots of obstacles to conquer
  • Simple graphics but hard gameplay mechanics

Trap Adventure 2: Origins 1.6 update

Trap Adventure 2: Origins 1.6 update was launched on June 23rd, 2018, featuring some fixes, changes, and additions.

  • Made a fix to the ads that show when the players are playing.
  • The difficulty of the first level was decreased.
  • Analytics were added to the game to track the players’ progress.
  • Made a fix to the game for big resolutions.
Download Trap Adventure 2 : Origins

Download Trap Adventure 2: Origins APK for free

Trap Adventure 2: Origins is free to download and install on Android devices using an APK file. Once you have downloaded the game, you can launch this adventure then see how many platforms and stages you can beat! Take this chance to prove and upgrade your skills!

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