Serious Dave

Trap Adventure 2 Publisher Isolde
Trap Adventure 2 PublishedApril 2, 2018

About Serious Dave

Serious Dave is a Mario Pixel Platform game online full of actions and challenges. You start an adventure and try to help Dave conquer it by passing all enemies, traps, obstacles, etc. Run and jump over many platforms to dodge the dangers, collect coins with other bonuses, like extra lives so you can survive longer. If you run out of all the given lives, your game will be over instantly. Try to unlock weapons, then use them to kill the rivals. Good luck!

How to play:

Use keys W/S or up/down arrow keys to jump up and down. Press spacebar or key Z to shoot if you unlock a weapon. Use key X for an ultimate shoot if you upgrade your weapon. Switch the weapons using keys C/V.

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