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Mario World Revived


In Mario World Revived game, you become Mario trying to conquer a dangerous adventure by eluding and killing all wicked enemies. Start to move, jump then pass them all as you attempt to collect the gold coins. If you get touched by one opponent, you will have to restart your adventure. Keep going until you see the finish line. This ...

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Unfair Mario


Unfair Mario must be the toughest Plumber Mario Platform game online. Surely the game will drive you insane when you deal with lots of sudden obstacles in your adventure. You play as Mario trying to surpass all the challenges, especially some lethal traps that appear instantaneously, such as falling stones, spikes, holes, breakable shifts and more.It’s your job to beat ...

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Ultimate Mario Run


Help Mari defeat all wicked enemies in Ultimate Mario Run game! With this Plumber Mario Platform game, you will experience 6 awesome levels with different impediments and platforms to go through. Take control of your character carefully, get rid of all opponents that are getting in your way, break the question mark blocks to obtain lots of power-ups that boost ...

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Tuper Tario Tros


Tuper Tairo Tros is another awesome Mario Platform game, and it is a cool mixture of two popular arcade games named Super Mario Bros and Tetris. Your main mission in this Plumber game is to run, then jump quickly so you can rescue the princess. Carefully change between plumber and tetris mode. When you can’t reach a higher platform, just ...

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Super Smash Flash 2


Super Smash Flash 2 continues with awesome battles between famous characters, such as Mario, Sonic, Link, Naruto, Ichigo, Goku, and more. You will have to select your preferred character then jump into the combat to play against others. Perform your fighting abilities, attack your opponent carefully so you can become the ultimate winner of the combat. Let’s get ready and ...

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Super Smash Flash


Super Smash Flash is a nice Plumber Mario game giving you a lot of battles to conquer with many awesome characters to play, including Mario, Luigi, and Wario. Pick your favorite one then begin your challenges. The game also features some awesome game modes, such as solo, online and team. In the solo mode, you will explore some events, finish ...

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