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Super Mario Santa


Mario has become the Santa and now he needs to collect all presents along his way. Join Super Mario Santa game to give a hand to Mario! There are so many presents along the way, it’s your job to gather them all by jumping over many platforms. You need to be careful with the penguins because if you touch one ...

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Super Mario Run


Super Mario Run is an exciting Mario Platform game where you play as Mario trying to get away from the princess castle that is on fire. Start running quickly if you want to save your life! There are so many levels you need to conquer, and in each level, you must gather a lot of coins. Run then jump over ...

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Super Mario Remix


Super Mario Remix drops you into an awesome yet dangerous adventure! In this Plumber Mario Platform game, you will help Mario defeat all enemies and get past all obstacles that get in his pathway. The enemies will move up and down a lot, so you must shoot at them first before they kill you. If you get touched, it will ...

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Super Mario Halloween


Play a fun Pixel Plumber game called Super Mario Halloween! It’s the Halloween season and Mario wants to conquer a lot of challenges in his dangerous adventure. You need to assist him to jump over platforms to collect the coins, stomp on enemies before he touches them, as well as get past all the deadly obstacles. Try your hardest to ...

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Super Mario Flash


Super Mario Flash is another Mario Platform game giving you so many challenges to go through. In the game, you take control of Mario to take a leap over many blocks, and try to break all the question mark crates to get a lot of power-ups. Stomp on the enemies to kill them, stay watchful for the plants in pipes, ...

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Super Mario Crossover 3


Here comes Super Mario Cross Over 3! The third chapter is already out, so let’s try it now for more challenges! Pick an arcade character that you like, then start to engage in an adventure full of enemies. Every single character has their own strengths and weaknesses You need to help him/her defeat the rivals standing in your pathway while ...

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