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Instructions: Use the left mouse to control the movement of your character in the game.

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Have fun playing an epic sports-themed IO game called Soccer.io! There are plenty of challenges and wonderful soccer matches waiting for you ahead. Have your skills ready for it now! In the game, you have to play against three other rivals in a playing area. You must use your excellent soccer-playing skill to outplay your opponents, knock them out of the arena by scoring more goals and turn yourself into the best player. This is the main goal you must achieve when playing Soccer.io, however, it will not be easy like that. You must aim then kick the ball into your rival goals and protect your own one at the same time. Watch the number above your head because you will know how many times you can score against before getting eliminated. In addition, when you kick the ball into your enemy goal, you will grow in size, which brings more power to you. Think you will outsmart all of them? Good luck!

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