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Your day will become more colorful with unblocked. This is because you will still be attracted and addicted to this game although free gameplay is very simple. Your mission is to conquer the white world of online with your slime.

To play this game you don’t need to spend up to a minute to understand the rules because they are very simple. When you start, you will be a small slime and you will use your slime to cover everything around you. The more your slime covers, the faster your coverage speed will be. In addition, your slime will become bigger. As you get older you have the ability to bully smaller slimes to cover yourself, but you only have a time limit of 90 seconds to cover the space in the 3D for unblocked io game comes in a variety of colors for you to choose to experience.

How to play:

You can use a mouse to control your slime.

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