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Instructions: Use WASD for the movement, fire with the spacebar and use key Shift to flip.

Loons.io about:


Loons.io lets you navigate a cute 2D hot air balloon around the map to battle against numerous opponents. Have your fingers and skills ready for this great adventure now then see if you can conquer it or not. Your air balloon is able to shoot cactus, so you must shoot the cacti to finish off the rivals and give them no chances to eliminate you. It’s hard to believe that an air balloon can kill people by firing cacti, right? But in this Upgrades Diep Style IO game, it’s totally possible although it may sound strange a bit. As you roam through the map trying to destroy your opponents, don’t forget to gather gold as you travel, and then utilize the collected gold to buy more upgrades. With a lot of upgrades, your balloon will be enhanced a lot and it will bring you stronger firepower to kill the rivals more easily. All you must achieve is to vanquish the entire arena as well as turn you into the best cactus shooter of all!

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