Among Rescue

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About Among Rescue

Among Rescue allows you to join the journey in search of precious treasures in space. In the game, your task is to overcome the guards to collect treasure at each level.

The way to build the character of this puzzle game is completely similar to Among Us. Typically, you will control a character that looks like among us, but red to collect treasure appears on the screen. On the contrary, you need to eliminate the blue guard if you do not want to be discovered.

The way to your treasure is not far away, just by the pins that appear. You need to open the pins in the correct sequence to be able reach the destination safely. The gameplay is quite simple, you just need to click on the icon of the pin to open in turn to complete the task.

Among Rescue unblocked also offers some interesting mechanics to help you think more while playing. For example, you can use water to turn lava into stone, drop heavy objects on the blue impostor to destroy him. All contribute to creating unforgettable moments of experience, are you sure you will win?

The increasing difficulty after each level is an indispensable element in puzzle games. Among Rescue free online is no exception, you will start from simple to complex levels in this game. Don’t be too subjective if you find things too simple in the first levels, you will quickly change your mind.

Are you ready to test your thinking ability in Among Rescue? This is a free online puzzle game that is currently available on our website. So, if you are a lover of puzzle games on the web, you should not miss the appearance of this game.

How to play

Unlock the pins on the screen using the mouse


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