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About is a Style IO game about accumulating resources and defending your base. It requires you to have some abilities for survival as well, so let’s get everything ready for the upcoming challenges. In this classic title, water is a crucial resource that should be taken care of all the time. You have to generate as many water pumps as possible to obtain it. Another thing you must remember is that the ponds used for pumping the water from, don’t have an infinite supply, therefore, you must use them carefully. Once a pond has been depleted, go to another one to begin working on it. While doing the mission, don’t forget to keep your ponds safe all the time because they can be attacked by any rivals. When they are well protected, they can bring you gallons of water, making you the best player of all! Get ready for these challenges now! Have a lot of fun!


How to play:

Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse for placing a building or doing an action, use the right mouse on the pipe icon to rotate it, and use the arrow keys for using the tool shortcut.

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