Om Nom: Bubbles

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About Om Nom: Bubbles

Om Nom: Bubbles is a unique combination of bubble shooter game with Om Nom character creation. The green frog is back in the allotted time bubble shooting contest.

In fact, the games of the Om Nom series have been in the past and present with many different products. Most of these games exploit specific gameplay to give players a variety of quality choices. Om Nom Bubbles unblocked is one of them, this game owns the familiar bubble shooting gameplay. Here, you need to control the green frog Om Nom in the bubble shooting contest within the specified time. Specifically, you only have 60 seconds to complete your section and try to get the highest score before the time ends. In some cases, there will be extra time to extend the player’s playing time. Taking advantage of the extra time will make it easier for you to break the record you set earlier.

The balls in Om Nom: Bubbles have a relatively easy to understand the way of shaping with different colors. So you just need to shoot them at the right position, a minimum of 3 balls of the same color to make them explode. The more balls that are broken, the higher the score you will get, so keep your concentration high. Besides, the moving speed of the balls will increase. If you let them touch Om Nom’s position, you will lose and start over immediately. Play Om Nom: Bubbles online, you do not need to care too much about everything around you. Concentration, the ability to shoot accurately, and a bit of luck will help you achieve high results in the levels. Don’t forget to show off your personal achievements to your friends to make them admire you.

How to play

Switch bubbles by using right mouse button, and press left mouse button to perform bubble shooting action

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