Battalion Commander 1917

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About Battalion Commander 1917

Battalion Commander 1917 brings intense shooting battles to your experience. You enter the enemy realm to deal damage to their machine and protect yourself from them.

Battalion Commander 1917 game requires your strategic skills to play and master

Since the game is full of actions, you need to play it with strategic skills if you want to win. When this survival 2D action shooting game kicks off, you have to carefully cross over the realm of the enemy.

Once you have entered their realm, you will then have to quickly search for a large enemy machine. Because this machine gives the enemy power, you must destroy it before they become stronger.

On your way, you will encounter lots of fellow soldiers. Hence, you can decide to free them. They are being captured in the enemy realm. So, when you free them, they can join your side to make your side more powerful.

Bonuses you can get in the game

This action shooting game has some gold for you to collect. Therefore, you have to collect gold as you play then use it to buy your favorite upgrades. There are many upgrades that give you power and strength.

For instance, you can buy a heavy tank that helps you deal with enemy attacks. By making use of upgrades, your gaming performance will become better. No matter what you do, you have to make sure that you defeat the enemy machine and protect your army.

Battalion Commander 1917 unblocked is a playground for players who love to show their shooting skills.

How to play

Control the movement of your soldier by moving the mouse. Left-click on the skill button to start using the skills.

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