Magic Cube

Trap Adventure 2 Publisher Edana
Trap Adventure 2 PublishedMarch 20, 2021

About Magic Cube

For those who love rubric, the Magic Cube is a game that must try once. Just a 6-sided, 6-color rubik block, but it is enough to make many people twist their brains, and at the same time make many people fall in love, forget to eat, forget to sleep.

Magic Cube unblocked recreates the Rubik’s image while also allowing you to rotate the faces as you wish, like holding the Rubik in your hand. Instead of always carrying the Rubik in your body, Magic Cube Online will make it easier to play with your phone or computer with an internet connection. Magic Cube game do not have any rules or regulations on time for players. Therefore, it is free to change your hand according to the other color block until you have completed 6 faces.

Those who like an underground crush, research, arcade games will help them satisfy their passion. But those who like activities, difficult to focus, this game is a difficult challenge for them. However, no matter what type of person you are, you should play Magic Cube game for free once for a useful brain training opportunity. This is not only a game but a challenge to experience in life.

How to play:

Drag and drop the mouse over the block you want to move.

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