Stickman Army Team Battle

Trap Adventure 2 Publisher Edana
Trap Adventure 2 PublishedMarch 17, 2021

About Stickman Army Team Battle

Stickman Army Team Battle will be a fiery battle but comes with randomness. You are participating in a fierce battle but the outcome of this match is not up to you. Such a stimulating game was born and attracted many people to participate.

The match between the two teams you and red in Stickman Army Team Battle unblocked is what you need to care about in this game. Before each turn, an action selection wheel will appear. Your job in this Stickman Army Battle game is to double click on the blue box to select a random weapon for the blue team. After acquiring the weapon, the green team will perform the action on that weapon. At the end of the turn, you’ll do the same thing with the red team.

Obviously, you are a participant in the battle in the arcade game, but winning or losing depends on the randomly chosen weapon. If they are lucky, the green team chooses the weapon that is stronger than the red team, the green team wins, and vice versa. The element of surprise in this game is very high. It is very difficult for someone to predict which team will win. Perhaps, that made many people excited and started playing Stickman Army Team Battle for free on their mobile device or computer.

How to play:

Click the blue button to start the weapon rotation, click one more to select a weapon. Do the same thing with the red button to choose the weapon and action for the red team.

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