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Instructions: Move your character with WASD, shoot enemies using the left mouse, aim with the right mouse, open a door using key F, collect an item using key E, open the inventory using key I, open the map using key M and chat with key Enter.

Gulch.io about:


Playing survival battle royale games will make your surviving skills much better day by day, and Gulch.io unblocked is another game that helps you do that too. Gulch.io free battle royale game is from the io games series. It pits you against new rivals in a huge game arena where you must use your good tactics to deal with all players. You start Gulch game with nothing in your hands, making your survival much harder. But you can go around the map to find new weapons with more equipment that can make yourself stronger. Then, you take advantage of these items to deal damage to your rivals. You should quickly finish them off before they strike you with their weapons. You can even use the map to your advantage. To become the top survivor, you must defeat all of your enemies in the arena and hit the top of the leaderboard! Kick off this adventure now! Much fun!

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