Trap Adventure 2

Trap Adventure 2 is a video game compatible with mobile devices and PC. It is considered as a clone of Mario Bros game in terms of graphics, however, the gameplay will be completely different, and it will totally drive you nuts. You can enjoy it on iOS, Android devices and even on PC with a free online version.

About Trap Adventure 2

As mentioned above, Trap Adventure 2 game can drive you insane, and even worse, it can make you break your own device or something for not being able to overcome the challenges. It’s also known as a nightmare version of the former Mario Bros game. You will start controlling your character to run and jump through a deadly maze full of spikes, flames as well as other traps that will pop up suddenly along your way, which can bring your life to a fast end. Lots of people who have played it say that the game is so annoying and disheartening that will surely make you increase your rage. When your game comes to a failure, you have to start it over from the very beginning. You may feel like it’s impossible to complete this adventure!

Play Trap Adventure 2 online

The game is also playable on a computer! You can play its free online version in your browser. It’s highly recommended for you to play it on a full screen.

There are so many frames in Trap Adventure 2. The challenge appears clearly from even some initial frames. Getting past the first frames is something very hard to the players. When it just starts, you are standing over a pit of spikes and the main task here is to reach the other side of the pit by jumping across the blocks. You probably feel that the blocks are safe to jump and descend on, but as soon as you make it to the third one, the spikes will turn up destroying your life instantly.

The game is already brutal in the first stage! But if you succeed in getting past it, you will get to another frame which is much more sadistic. This time, the block starts to move, which causes you to fall into the deadly spikes below easily. If you get onto the floor, the ceiling begins to collapse over you. If you are in luck, by somehow you get to the other side, a lot of other spikes turns up from the floor, killing you. Don’t try to sprint past the spikes because you will be chased down the corridor by them anyway.

That’s all for the first stage! If you are able to pass it, you will have to face lots of more dangerous traps and risks in the subsequent levels. Trap Adventure 2 game features a bunch of obstacles to undergo, such as lava erupting from fiery pits, explosive bombs, circular saw blades flying past your head, and many more.

Dying happens to you a lot in Trap Adventure 2! You must accept this fact if you want to conquer your adventure. Just let your hero die many times so you will know where the traps appear and make sure you memorize the locations of those traps in order not to make a mistake again at the next attempt. You will give a test to your memory and reaction, then, you finally learn how fast you can react to the dangers. Prepare yourself to join the game now! See how long you can conquer it!

Download Trap Adventure 2

Trap Adventure 2 is compatible with mobile devices powered by Android and iOS devices:

An Android user can download it from Google Play Store, install it on your device then you can start your adventure.

As for an iOS user, you need to open your Apple App Store, find the game and just tap to download it at here.

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